It’s been a while…

Hey everyone,

I know that i’ve been missing for like what.. 7 years? haha..time flies..really.. until my mom was asking me what her login details for her wordpress blog..then it hit me that i have totally forgotten about this site.

Let’s trackback a little on what happened so far..

Y/ 2010

travelled to Melbourne with a friend and had lots of wonderful time there.

Melbourne 09 331-small.jpg

went for a family trip to Perth. it was super fun!


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Perth 0874-small.jpg

and tried to save a kitty that has fallen into a drain one night, but it couldn’t survive and died the very next day =(

and got a new toypoodle name Julie, she’s just adorable!

Huggable Julie

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celebrated Halloween in Hong Kong with fellow office mates at our company trip, i still remember the stinky tofu was the best!


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