+ I will inform you when I’m gonna fart

After lunch, i was with the rest of my workmates at the lobby waiting for the lift to arrive. Yuri was standing next to me when she asked ” Hey… did u fart?” and i’m like “noo..”

the lift arrives and both of us went in together with the rest while… on the way walking towards the lift….i was explaining to her…on how i did not farted. So..as you know…i talk abit louder than the rest…

As we were walking in I was saying ” If i would have farted i would have told you before saying ‘Excuse me’

and as i look up..i saw 2 girls who does not look like my work mates..and the expression on their face was like disgusted

and all of us in the lift went bursting into laughter HAHAHAHAHA. man it was super funny..such an embarrassing moment


+ Raining Cats and Dogs

I can’t remember which day it was but definitely it was one heavy rain poured afternoon. Before all it happen, i was glancing through my window and it was a sunny sunshine day. Somehow, 30 minutes later, it when “whoooooooooshhhhhh” there goes those little drops of heaven.big boss leakThen another 30 minutes passed, a puddle of water was found at the corner of my big boss area.Another was at the main entrance leaking from the ceiling. Then we found another puddle of water pouring in nearby Mr D’s place. (hahahaha) Somehow, it’s always his place to be first get a puddle of water that flows until under his table. Several times this case has happened, and the management are trying their best to fix it but i guess it will always happen as long as they fix something on our roof. Weird office we have though.

Currently, Tikus is alone in office and surrounded by those repairmen (mostly Indonesian workers). So far so good, they did not bother me. HAHAHAHA. Weather now is very bad as it haven’t rained in KL for almost a week and hal or was it two weeks? (can’t seem to remember).

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