Tikus in civilization

*on the microphone*
*testing 1 2 3*
Good Day my fellow family and friends, I welcome you to my this glorified *coughs* new blog *coughs*


ok..i’m just gonna cut the crap.

Hey, this is me. I’m known as Jac, Jackie, Jaquie, Tikus , choco, and also pinkie

I’m born in the rat year..somehow this is the rattie year as well.(and also a leap year ^^).

I laugh [spank] peeps that i meet around but more importantly..what you will noticed about me first is my Laughter!! AHAHAHAH no..I’m serius berius. Everywhere i go anywhere i hop on..i’ll be giggling and smilling and laughing..until to some comments that was given by others was “Jac ure nuts!” AHHAHA.

I’m currently working in a small creative boutique handling web design + development known as dplusmcreative [ i know…this blog isnt design by me..wait lah..i’m getting one asap.. if im free lah 😛 ]

Cubz + Jacz

that’s me on the right and my cubbie on the left ..we were foolin around at the shades section at Star shop..if not mistaken.. hahaha..those were the good days

networks dat i belong too