It’s been a while…

Hey everyone,

I know that i’ve been missing for like what.. 7 years? haha..time flies..really.. until my mom was asking me what her login details for her wordpress blog..then it hit me that i have totally forgotten about this site.

Let’s trackback a little on what happened so far..

Y/ 2010

travelled to Melbourne with a friend and had lots of wonderful time there.

Melbourne 09 331-small.jpg

went for a family trip to Perth. it was super fun!


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Perth 0874-small.jpg

and tried to save a kitty that has fallen into a drain one night, but it couldn’t survive and died the very next day =(

and got a new toypoodle name Julie, she’s just adorable!

Huggable Julie

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celebrated Halloween in Hong Kong with fellow office mates at our company trip, i still remember the stinky tofu was the best!


Y/ 2011

started a new job in an Insurance Company..yay finally joined corporate~ though i was sad to leave my previous job, they were like a family to me, oh well…we have to move on to push ourselves to be better right!?

went for a family trip to Bali celebrating my sister’s birthday

How would you like to wake up in front of a paddy field? #Bali

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had a quick weekend trip to Bangkok with my best friend! and met my brother there while he’s on work


celebrated my Dad’s 60th birthday at Cameron Highlands


of course, Julie turned two years old and we let her have her own cake! (of course we shared =P) oh and she went to a dog park for first time

Tasting my cakeee yummyyyy #toypoodle #puppy #dog #dogs

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attended Rainforest Music Festival with my awesome friends in Kuching

Kismet from India, so awesome!!!

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Women of vanuatu

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had some fun making fresh pasta plus lasagna and eating it with my mom at a pasta cooking class


Julie dislocated her hips by the groomer..i was not there when it happened 😦

Y/ 2012

took a week solo trip to Japan. my first trip to this amazing country and it was absolutely wonderful even though i a little accident by being robbed (i know! that’s pretty impossible since japan is so safe, NOT!) but overall i had a wonderful time there.


went to a big europe trip with my mom. We started at Milan > Venice > Florence > Pisa > Rome > Paris for two weeks i think..and it was such a memorable trip!

Julie with the effifel tower

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did some exercising and diet lifestyle change due to a genetic disease that just discovered and lost around like 23kgs within 3-4 months, hey it’s never too late ain’t it?


took a quick Perhentian Kecil weekend trip with a friend from Singapore. It was short but i had a wonderful time going for a snorkelling trip, the sea life are really fascinating! the sea turtle was so cute! squids line up in formation (not sure why) but it was adorable, and saw a friendly black tip shark.

Beautiful beach. Missing Julie #beach

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did a one week Lübeck, Germany trip to meet my someone special and had a wonderful time there even though it was a short trip.


Y/ 2013

my beloved travel to Malaysia to meet my family and also celebrated Chinese New Year and after that we took a romantic vacation to Bali and he proposed on the first night 🙂



then i revisited Lübeck again to finalize our registration there as we are planning to have the wedding in his place first. spring arrived!


i had my farewell parties with my family, friends and colleagues


then come our wedding day! my family and my best friend came as well!



then comes our honeymoon to Florence, Italy ❤


celebrated my first christmas in lübeck and got our first ornament together


Y/ 2014

we got ourselves a new baby! a jabba cat hahhaha who likes to sleep, eat and eat more

Sweet dreams with 😻#Jabbacat #ragdoll

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visited Schwerin for our first anniversary


went to Travemunde Woche, a beach nearby where they held their annual sailing competition



Celebrated our second wedding in Langkawi, Malaysia with family and friends who could not attend the Germany wedding



celebrated our first christmas together with jabba, he was super excited haha


Y/ 2015

woah…this is a really long post.. okay i try to keep these two more years short.. well next i attended the integration course required by the government in Germany for new spouse and the course runs like 7 months with two test to take. i passed my two exams with flying colours =P

visited Potsdam because my husband needed to take his exam, so we did a little visit at the sanscouci palace.


Y/ 2016

and now this year..well nothing much happened yet except i went back to Kl to celebrate my mom’s “surprised” 60th birthday =P

and yeah we moved to a bigger apartment, and finally have a balcony so that jabba can play with the birdiesssss

#titbird #feeding video 🐦📽

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#spycat on neighbours 😹😎🕵🏻 #jabbacat #ragdoll

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