+ Melissa Tjen, may you rest in peace

last 2 days ago…i just lost a dear friend of mine…Melissa Tjen.

i never knew u for long…but i knew u at heart…

u were bubbly, sweet, cheerful, and the most down to earth person i ever knew…

its a very tragic …to know how u went..on how much u suffered…and nobody was with u …

i cant believe that u were gone when melvin called me up.. it felt like u were still here…its too hard to accept it..

i wanted to go up to ure parents and say how sorry i am for their lost..but it was just too hard to say it…but now..i’m gonna say it..

my very condonlonces to your family, will always missed our happy moments and sweet times together. may you rest in peace Melissa..


7 thoughts on “+ Melissa Tjen, may you rest in peace

  1. takziah kpd keluarga melissa..

    you know i was there a few minutes after the accident hppn, just got back from kl, on my way to cyberjaya.. she was badly injured, badly, her car was like flying off the road, although i dont even know her, but looking at her that way makes me sad, i feel sorry for her, really. she was alone, she wasnt suppose to travel alone, cos it was like 2 or 3 a.m in the morning, and she got no one to talk to, i think she fell asleep.. until now, every time i use that highway, it always reminds me of her, and today i found your blog, so i just wanna share something with you.

    urmm, if you dont mind, can i know her mom’s name?

    oh, and one more thing, guys, please try not to travel alone at any times, particularly at night, cos its a bad idea.. i love my fellow brothers and sisters.

    • Hi Syahanaz,

      oh my dear…sorry you had to witnessed such a bad accident. yeah..she shouldnt have but..i really don’t know the whole story either how she passed away. thanks for telling me.
      i’m not particularly close to her family members. sorry i can’t help you.

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