+ Dugong’s Belated Bday & Vday

Recently i got this addiction from Yuri ‘s wrapping present mania. All the presents that she bought for a special occasion has to be wrapped nicely. Now its my turn to do the same. I actually made the box myself..cant remember when i did this.i think it was back in my Uni day. I took wrapping tissue papers as the inside wrapper (it was from my old bouquet graduation flowers wrapper :P) and i tied it with a red ribbon..yummy

dugong present

inside the present..there is a card HEHEHEHE

popcorn card

and Ta-da!!


she was happy with it..look at her smiling facey

dugong promoting

talking about presents….Yuri did gave me a Valentines and i was preety shocked at first when the present was placed on my office desk in the morning. So Jeyon said

“Hey…later when open already….share share ok?”assuming it was candy or chocolates so i just went nodding my head ..The moment Yuri step in. HAhahaaha…she was laughing wickedly and told me to open the present ..i was starring at the heart shape box blurry..assuming it could be more than just candy or chocolates..

yuri vday love box

lovely isn’t it..and awesomely cute! especially the ribbon.

so i opened it..and inside there..is also a card.

front card


so i opened the card and read it..and this is wat she wrote to me

card inside

eh? what do u mean by *AHEM*?????????

omg…sexy-lovey-dovey night !!!!swt

and…i slowly unwrapped the red tissue paper..



dp underwear

she gave me an underwear!!!

LOL then she explained how much i adored dorothy perkins underwear ever since i owned one saucy cow boxy from them. HAHAHA

ok..here is the close up of the polka dot ribbon..my goodnesss..

dp underwear ribbon


the fabric… I can see through my fingers!!! omgomgomg..LOL and its lacey too !!!

dp underwear lacey

its so very soft too..my goodness…

somehow it sounded like im getting high myself AHAHAHAHA..but yeah its a very lovely gift..When i brought back my present..and left it on my dressing table..Mumzie saw it…she quickly opened it like it was hers..and without further notice…she was LAUGHING!! LOL..my goodness..


thanks Yuri..it was a lovely present AHAHAHAH which made mumzie laughed.


12 thoughts on “+ Dugong’s Belated Bday & Vday

  1. =.=” wats with the overdose photoshop pics
    makes me look like im in some dreamy land…hahahaha

    i think u were giving the box as a present more than the present as the present…

    YES jacky? when u wan wear for me to see? sexy… yum yum :P~

  2. WAHAHHA!! SEE THRU PANTIES! SEEEEEEXY!! I actually bought a new panty from Dorothy perkins too, the other day. they were havin’ 20% off if u buy more than 2. my fren bought 3!!! so i chip in and bought one. da panty’s like striped black and white, with a picture of a skull in front. HAHA.

  3. YEAHHHHHHHHH OMGGGGGGGG U GOT TAT ONE!! i rememberedddddd i saw it tooo then i wanted to buyy but i bought the saucy cowwwww WAaaaaaaaa we all have dorothy perkins fever LOL!!! COOLNESSS ..now we can become DP UNDIES COUPLE!! LOL

  4. wah.. u really posted it on net.. haha… phewweeettt *blowing whistle*

    wear it and show to me so i can give you a big spank… ngek ngek..

    cubbie was so extreme.. skull taifu!!!
    gengness!!! *bow*

  5. LOLLLLLLLL..yeala…appreciate ure prezzie maa *winks winkssss yuri babyyyyyy* HAHAHAHAHA

    eh can…we have our little private show later MOAHWHAHAHAAHah

    yeahhhhhhhhh must call cubbie come with her skull tai fu..we can have threesome LOL

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