+ Changing Over!!

Damnit..sorry i just had to cursed on my first word here. HAHA. Anyways yeah, previously i was at myspace but somehow its getting on my nerves..slow…though I’ll still keep it for other purposes 😛 HAHAH but yeah..I’m finally shifting to this blog. (though i wish i could change their theme o.O but i gotta wait a little while more when i get my own hosted domain hehe ^^)

my Olg Bloggie

There’s alot of memories back in my msn blog..well its alrite..after all. WHERE HAVE I BEEN FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS? LOL!! After graduation and i haven’t updated much about myself. I can’t even remember what i did this 2 years and i’m already planning to leave Malaysia soon…DOn’t FRET! LOL cuz i won’t be leaving so soon yet. Gotta wait till my bro’s wedding is finished..and then i can go.. AHha..When? maybe end of the year i supposed.

Okay..Gotta Post something up later on..not now though..there’s too much things for me to do .. yah man..give me some time..i’m overloaded with work. 😛


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