+ Bro’s Proposal Day

I’m not even sure where to start this..but as far as i know..What i’m not allowed to do before continue witting on is “no photos and videos allowed”lol..tat’s wat i promised my brother

yeah..lets start the story

Before Proposition

ok…There is 2 ideas that came out..which of course..one of them is my bro’s and the other mine..wahhaha..let’s hear it

Piggie’s “basic” plan

  1. Bring future wifey to KLCC Park
  2. Bend on one knee
  3. He will ask “Will you marry me?”
  4. She will say “YES”
  5. and both live happily ever after


okay hear mine…

Tikus Ultimate Proposal plan

  1. Bro will bring her out for a nice lovely evening dinner..
  2. While they were doing that..tikus will go to the nearby park (but i proposed room to my bro but i know he will say NO) where they have this Big tree at a corner.
  3. I was planning to decorate the tree with some chinese big ball lanterns…(like those paper shade lanterns) assorted colors(definately!) and a row of assorted candles lining up towards the big tree. Ok..after that..in front of the big tree..would be a BIG PRESENT with BIG RIBBONS WHahahaha. lol So…this present..on top of it..there would be a message written on each past lovely memories they had together e.g the first moment i met u….etc ahahaha. yeah ..and inside this BIG PRESENT there are smaller ones..until..the smallest one will be the ring box holder. and on top of it would be a message written “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”
  4. So i will hide at one corner holding the video and get yuri to help me snap pictures..There’s enough lighting from the chinese lanterns n candles to light up the area..sot he pictures would look great!!
  5. So after dinner..bro will take her to the park..and ask her to close her eyes will guding her to the spot where she suppose to look at the big tree.. and VOILA!! HAHAHAHAA..u can imagine the rest..




So..i had to give him a better “basic” idea for him. I suggested to him that i would get him those marry-me-cupcakes instead.

so a few days before..i went to get the cupcakes (as cny is approaching i am only able to get them before) and this is how it looks like before modification


a close up of it


Hahaha Cute isnt it?..i got them from this cake shop below my office called Bisou . Actually they are a branched out from Bianco..which used to be Gustos . i used to go to Gustos for dinner and drinks..and when they changed their menu and all..it gave me a shocked..but its all good..their pricing are cheaper and food in better quality.

ok..let’s continue

So i had to refridge it to make it stand for a few more days b4 the big day hit. Eventually Mariani (the lovely staff from Bisou) told me to keep it at room temperature for the best taste but i told her i ahd to keep it for a few more days ..and we wouldnt eat it..:)

I went down to meet Yuri at sungai wang. We went to the 6th floor to get this piggie flowers we saw the other day when we went to gasoline’s . Its kind expensive ..cost me likeRM124 just for the piggie flowers and the heart shape box around RM18.90 and i added another 20 single roses @ RM1 each. So in total i spent in tat shop was a bomb! but afterall this only happens once in a lifetime..so money aint the problem! HAHAHA


yeah so after tat..we went hunting for ribbons and the extra stuff and went back to her house to decorate it. This is how it turned out..


wahahahaha..cool aint it..!! HAHAHA

after that we went to KLCC tog et the flowers re-wrapped. the original one of it was in blue so i had to do something bout it. Then we went to the park at 7.30pm bro was already there. and its getting really dark..i was trying to search him high n low and the moment i spotted him ..i called him to tell him to close her eyes so i get to sneak up from behind. As me n yuri go nearer towards them..i noticed that this brother of mine was having curly hair and his girlfriend was having much longer hair..At that point OMG..AHAHAHAH i realize i got the wrong couple..i quickly turned around n told yuri to back up..HAHAHA she said ” How can u not even recognized ure own brother? LOL” HAHAAHAHA omg..ahahaha it was super funny


so i had to call him again! this time he told me where exactly to go n all..so i finally found them..and i told him to close her eyes..HAhaha and the moment i reach up behind them..i found them sitting on the leap of stairs both covering each other eyes!! AHAHAHAHAH that’s so hilarious at one point i didnt bother and just put the present behind him and yuri gave him the flowers..while my brother reach out his hand like a blind man. LOL.

Then he did his normal “basic” funny embarrising proposal to his future wife..she nodded and went back home

oh…and the reason why they were covering each other eyes but not just hers..is because my brother didn’t know how to lie to her..and told her i was actually celebrating his birthday surprise (which his birthday is the following week) and she actually believed him!! LOL

ok enough..he’s gonna kill me soon..see ya guys


6 thoughts on “+ Bro’s Proposal Day

  1. Awww… so romantic…
    The cupcakes look appertizing… despite the fact that it has been kept for days… -.-”
    Pass my congrats to your bro ya… =)

  2. lol..exactly..and my uncle and mom and bro ate one each…

    the result :: YUCK! LOL the taste of the cupcake aint there anymore..but they enjoyed the chocolate tarts i brought back on CNY eve..AHahaha its delicious i tell u..hhaha i myself couldnt resist them on Vday too..i jsut ahd to pop down there for a few tarts for yuri on tat day..

    Thanks babe! i will do..

  3. LOL… HOI HOI HOI… apasal blog bout my embarrasing moment ? 😛

    But the moment was a bit messed up hahaha.. didnt expected KLCC park was overflooded with foreigners instead…. this is wat happen when i didnt go to KLCC for almost 2 years :p..

    anyway…. thanks alot to my beloved sister for helping me to planned out and execute my wedding proposal :D… thanks alot imoto ~hugs and kisses~

  4. LOL..HOI HOI HOI back to u ahahhaa.

    blog lah..its a funny n most great thing ever happened AHHAHAH

    Yeah..u n ure KLCC parkk..chisss…its always been flooddeddddddd with those..foreigners lah.



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