+ A Little Incident with my Office Chair

i killed my chair. as usual i was rocking it back n forth…and now it cant be used.

Chair Before


and this is the aftermath of what it became

Chair After

HUWAAAAAA my boss haven’t come in yett..AHHAHAHAHA *escape*


12 thoughts on “+ A Little Incident with my Office Chair

  1. dugong @ HAHAHa yeah..the metal give me shake shake shake shake and then bennndddd whahaha sat it for a year dy plus

    carolyn @ oitss..how could u stumbleeddd ahahahha funny uuu…wat do u mean link here to ure blog?? O.o

  2. hahah..i dunno oh..i was checking my sitemeter, than i saw this ip…i clicked inside and checked…and i think it was ur ip, with the referral link linked to this page! so i mar go click it lor…manatau its ur blog! hahahahha

  3. AHHAHAHAHAA yes..tat chair..give me shake until like tat..HAHAHAHAHA shakkkeeee with music….HAHAH dangerous tikus HAHAHAH

    now..got new update…the chair legs already throw..now left the body HAHAHA..gonna replace the chair with new legs..LOL KEKEKEKEE..phew~

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